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Another Year Done

Another year has passed: some of us still have one or more left, or this may have been your first year at Calvin Theological Seminary. For some, their time at the seminary is ending, and they are leaving to assume the roles into which God has called them. Some will … ∞


Introduction The texts of Genesis 11:6 and John 17:21 are not so much about explaining what happened at the Tower of Babel as much as they are attempting to demonstrate the value of unity among brethren. The topic of unity and how it affects the church—the body of Christ—will be … ∞

Where is My Cross?

I am the only one who thinks this is not okay. In Canada, we tend to be more liberal than my American friends. When I travel to the US, I see more crosses, more God, whether it’s a gas station stand with critical chains or the American bills that still … ∞


When we pray the Lord’s Prayer and our daily prayers, we frequently ask for this, but do we truly mean it when we say, “Thy will be done”? Do we truly want to carry out God’s will in everything we do? Does God’s will align with yours or ours in … ∞


Introduction Every Christian or believer aspires to be a part of God’s Kingdom. We have such a strong sense of purpose and determination to enter God’s kingdom. Jesus asked us to seek his kingdom first, which was one of the main themes of his earthly ministry. According to Matthew 6:33, … ∞

A Christian Way To Cultivate Relationships With Stepchildren: Part Two

Providing A Stable Role Model For Your Stepchild Building a genuine friendship with the children is essential to preventing potential conflicts while considering your future co-parenting role. Therefore, it’s essential to be truthful, responsible, and mindful of your words, actions, and affections when interacting with them, whether alone in front … ∞


Introduction Friends, we live in a time marked by numerous challenges, including threats of climate and environmental change, war and conflict, economic and political crisis, increased costs of living, food crisis, hunger, and poverty. However, perhaps the biggest threat to society is the amount of misinformation and disinformation being spread.[1] … ∞