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A Case for Bluey Part Two

A Case for Bluey Part Two

In a previous writing, I introduced a scenario where one singular episode of Bluey was introduced to a group of adults, and that one video induced enough emotion to cause a full-grown man to cry. After I wrote that, I thought to myself; “Are we weird?”. Or is the power in this show evident in the lives of other grownups and something that has been mentioned before. 

So, I decided to do some research as the good master’s degree student that I am and try to see if others have been impacted or talk to the power that is the show called Bluey

I think Jamie Kenny in his article on romper said it best. 

“Why does Bluey make grown adults cry so much? The same reason it can make us laugh. It’s a show that really understands what it is to be a parent: the joys, the challenges, and the mundane, everyday things that might not seem like a big deal at the time, but when taken all together are childhood (and parenting) itself.”

The episode I played for the group of parents at Calvin Seminary was exactly that, it showed the mundane and familiar battle of putting small children to bed. For parents going through it in the moment, like me, it is a reminder of what it is, the joys and the challenges. For parents who those days have passed, they are subtle reminders of what is now gone and sadly may never be again. 

The creators of Bluey have really figured out the science behind how to take the mundane, the normal day to day things adults quite often take for granted into a 7 – 9-minute form of entertainment that is not like anything else I have seen in my years as a parent watching children’s television against my will.

For our children they see these episodes and giggle, they think they are silly and fun, but for the adults it helps us to go back and live in those moments or really think about the moments happening right now. 

In that same article by Kenny, he quotes another writer for Romper who states, “that episodes (which clock in under 10 minutes) tend to fall into two categories: episodes that lean into silliness, and episodes that “take the domestic into the sublime.”

In the defense of the silly, I find them to always have something for me to laugh at. There is silliness in there that this old dog will giggle to. And when it shifts into the sublime, I am left speechless at the emotions it brings up in me as it takes me back to my childhood and the lives of my child. 

Jennifer Soo quoting Marc De Rosnay in her article on Bluey had this to say:

“Art is often more salient, accessible and powerful than science. And I consider Bluey a kind of art,” says one of Australia’s leading child development experts, University of Wollongong professor Marc de Rosnay. “It expresses something and demands something of the viewer that 1000 developmental psychology or parenting books would struggle to do as well. I’m deeply indebted to [Joe Brumm] for creating it because if I were meeting a young couple today and they asked me for parenting advice, I would tell them to watch Bluey.”

Not that I am a child development expert, but for my brothers who have small kids, and friends with kids growing up, if they wanted parenting tips or advice, or even simply what is something wholesome they can watch with their kids, it would be Bluey, no questions asked. 

If you are not convinced by my words and want to test it for yourself, here are my top three episodes that I believe will make you want to watch the entire series with your kids, blowing all their daily screen time and yours… 

  1. “Sleepytime”
    1. This is found in season 2, episode 9 and is by far my favorite, I cry every time. My daughter is now moving into her “big bed.” Every night she says she wants to go in the big bed. But while she still wants the cuddles and for me to read to her, I know a time is coming when that won’t be the case. If you are a parent and unsure about the show, start here. 
  2. “Flat Pack”
    1. Flatback is found in season 2 episode 24, there is a deep moment to this episode which I will bring up in my last case for Bluey article so I do not want to spoil it, but it is a heartfelt episode which requires more understanding that your children likely do not possess, but you will. 
  3. “Onesies”
    1. This can be found in season 3 episode 32 and wow did it hit me hard. Again, this episode dealt with things that your children most likely would miss or might ask questions about, like Bluey does. However, it is something that I am sure many have navigated or have had friends and family gone through and how they sum it up in 7 minutes is just beautiful. 
  4. “Baby Race”
    1. “Oh biscuits…” Did I say three? I meant four. This one is particularly impactful for my wife and is something I think many moms and dads can relate to. My youngest brother had their first child two months before ours, and I can tell you I had feelings like the characters in this episode. It is silly for the kids, but it does hit home for the parents. This episode is found in season 2, episode 50. 

By Nate Wright