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A Message from the Associate Dean of Students

A Message from the Associate Dean of Students

A warm welcome to all the new students, as well as the returning students, to CTS. I’d like to express my deep appreciation for the warm reception I’ve received since joining CTS as the Associate Dean of Students. Thanks to the faculty and staff for your many words of encouragement and your willingness to extend yourselves as I continue to learn. Also, thank you to the students for the opportunity to walk alongside you in your learning here at CTS.
In many ways, I feel that I’ve come full circle as God has brought me back to Grand Rapids where I spent most of my childhood. When asked by the Kerux team to submit an article introducing myself, I wanted to use this opportunity to share “my story” with you. You may know me as Sarah Chun, the Associate Dean of Students at CTS. Others, however, know me as the following:
The third daughter- My parents call me their “third daughter.” I was born in Pusan, South Korea and in 1980 my family and I immigrated to Grand Rapids, Michigan. My parents modeled for us many things: the importance of investing in relationships, the value of hard work, and the responsibility to put the needs of their children before their own.
Soul Mate- My husband called me his “soul mate.” I met my husband, Andrew, at the age of 18 at none other than the Calvin College library. Believe it or not, he proposed on our first date and I accepted. We exchanged our vows promising to respect, encourage, challenge, support and submit to one another as long as our lives shall last. Little did we know that the vows we would exchange on our wedding day were going to be put to the test. Our twelve years of marriage consisted of much laughter as well as many tears. Together we challenged each other to think less of ourselves and to be more like Christ. At the age of 39 Andrew was called home on July 15, 2009.
Mommy- My three children, Hope (age 10), Noah (age 8), and Hannah (age 5), call me “Mommy.” Thankfully, they inherited their father’s sense of humor, his athletic skills and a heart for the lost. You will see them often at CTS. Please take a few minutes to get to know them as they share in the life of this community.
Counselor or Pastor’s Wife- Still, others call me their “counselor” or “pastor’s wife.” I graduated from Calvin College and received my master’s degree in social work from Michigan State University. I’ve had the privilege of working at Bethany Christian Services as an Adoption Social Worker since 2000. I witnessed the heart-breaking decisions of birthparents who placed their infants into the loving arms of adoptive couples who were struggling with infertility. Also, I was immensely blessed in my role as a pastor’s wife being married to Andrew, an ordained minister in the CRC.
Friend- Finally, you can call me “Friend” or “Sarah.” I am greatly humbled by this calling to serve as the Associate Dean of Students at CTS. I embrace this opportunity to serve God using my gifts, my academic training and my life experiences. I commit to walking alongside you as students in this journey. I will be honored to pray with you as you share your joys and sorrows.
Now that I’ve shared a little bit of myself, I look forward to hearing your stories. Stop on by. No appointments necessary.

Partners in ministry,
Sarah Chun, Associate Dean of Students