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A Message From the KSA President

A Message From the KSA President

by Myong Il Kim

The Korean Students Association was established about thirty years ago. We have quite a few alumni in South Korea who have finished their Th.M. or Ph.D. program here in Calvin. Today they are leading pastors and scholars of Korean churches and theological seminaries. To name a few. Seven professors of Korea Theological Seminary where I finished my M.Div. all graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary. And overall, there are 18 professors in Korea.

Calvin Theological Seminary plays a critical role in the churches of South Korea. I really want you to understand this crucial role. The Korean Students Association of Calvin Seminary carries out this pivotal role to help future leaders of Korean churches. Assisting future leaders who are studying at Calvin Theological Seminary is the most important role of the KSA’s president.

In this summer, I was extremely busy because I had to help numerous new Korean students move and settle in Grand Rapids. Even though the KSA’s aiding service is currently limited to Korean students only, I strongly believe that the KSA will also help international students with picking them up from the airport, settling in Grand Rapids, and having relationships with other students of CTS. This year the number of present Korean students was outnumbered by that of incoming new students.

Last but not least, it is another very important job for the president of the KSA to remember that we all belong to one body. All the Korean students are part of one body along with all the other students of CTS. We never cease to pray for students, staffs, and faculties of CTS at Korean students’ morning prayer meetings and at monthly services. Although some Korean students look so shy, they long for good relationship with all of you. I always appreciate God’s providence that I am a member of CTS.

I’m so grateful to the Kerux team for giving me an opportunity to introduce my role as a president of Korean student association.