Greetings CTS students,

 We’ve made it through Canadian and American Thanksgiving! I suppose that thanksgiving celebrations aren’t too tough to live through – it’s the assignments, tests, papers, and exams that keep us hopping! I find it hard to believe that the end of the semester is just around the corner. Where has the the time gone?

 As far as my assessment of the past few goes, we’ve started well. Many new students have been welcomed into our midst. We’ve seen existing students take up the reins of past students. We’re seeing many new leaders spring up to support the activities of the seminary.

The Student Senate committees have also been hard at work.

  • The fellowship committee is busy planning for upcoming events. Christmas Around the World is up next (December 7), followed by The Medenblik Stick (February 16) and Dies Natalis (March 18). Be sure to mark these events on your calendars – you certainly don’t want to miss them!
  • The communication committee continues to create cards for the CTS community in times of celebration and sympathy. They’ve also updated the senate bulletin board – check out our smiling faces and recent senate minutes!
  • The course and faculty evaluation committee is currently compiling student evaluations of one professor who is up for review. They are also the student representatives for the CTS assessment committee.
  • The townhall committee continues to plan meetings that they hope appeal to the CTS body. Check out the article on townhall meetings in the previous Kerux! (Special thanks to John and Matt for all their work on the Kerux this year – it looks amazing!) There will be no townhall meetings in January but they will continue in February.
  • The library committee is brainstorming ways to allocate library carrels more fairly to students in the future.

 Student clubs have also been busy organizing events and activities. If you’re interested in becoming involved in the Sem community in new and exciting ways, check out the list of clubs also found on the Senate bulletin board.

 Senate has responded to a number of student concerns and is happy to do more of this. If you have a concern or celebration you’d like to share with senate – please contact a representative, we’d love to listen. (For a full listing of Senate representatives, please see the picture on the Senate bulletin board.)

 As the semester comes to a close, I hope you find time for rest, fellowship, celebration and joy.

Blessings, Ashley