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A Message From the Student Senate President

A Message From the Student Senate President

by Ashley Stam

Welcome (Back) to CTS!

It’s September 2012. Another new school year has dawned. It’s time to pull out our backpacks, laptops, textbooks and class schedules. It’s time to meet new people, reconnect with old friends and get back into the rhythm of school life.

Your Student Senate Executive Team welcomes you (back) to CTS! The year ahead looks like it will be another good one. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, because 3 of the 4 executive team members are Canadian. They bring lots of energy and creativity to the table. That and they know how to work hard and play hard. That leaves the fourth member of our team, John. You’ll spot him. He’s the one who wears the bow ties (very well, I might add). He’s also lots of fun!

I guess I better take a step back. Just mentioning three Canadians and a John doesn’t really help you out so much, especially if you are new to this community. So, here are a few formal facts about the team:

Paul DeWeerd – Vice President

Paul is the kind of guy that you want to be your best friend. He’s very cheerful, easygoing and loveable. Paul comes to CTS from Listowel, Ontario. He likes physical labour and often goes back to Ontario over breaks to clean barns for a local farmer. Paul is an M.Div. student in his third year of four.

John Medendorp – Secretary

John is the only American representative on the exec team. John is very smiley. You can often see him sporting a wide grin and sharing an infectious laugh. John has lived in multiple places over the years (given that he’s a PK and MK) but has spent the last 6 years in Grand Rapids, first attending Calvin College and now the Seminary. John is also an M.Div. student in his third year of four.

The 2012-2013 Student Senate Exec Team

Laura Guichelaar – Treasurer

Laura is our second Canadian representative. Laura is very creative, bright and organized. Last year Laura chaired the Fellowship Committee and helped to make the events at CTS a grand success. CTS is blessed to have her serve and lead on Senate again this year. Laura comes to CTS from Kitchener, Ontario. She is an M.Div. student in her third year of four.

Ashley Stam – President

Ashley is the third Canadian on the team. She comes to CTS from Jarvis, Ontario. Ashley grew up on a pig farm (just like President Medenblik, for another fun fact!). Ashley served on Student Senate her first year as a class representative and her second year as Vice President. She is an M.Div. student in her third and final year.

We look forward to connecting with you this year – as we play, laugh and serve together.

Blessings to you in the 2012-2013 academic year!