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Advice For M.A. Students

Advice For M.A. Students

by Becky Hoeksema, ‘12

Consider yourself lucky. Yes. Lucky. You are a Master of Arts student. You have joined the ranks of people who know that there is knowledge to be had, the ranks of people who are yearning for that next book, yearning for the next idea for your church program. You have joined the ranks of people.

You are not alone.

You might be the only person in your specific program, but you have joined a community larger than just the other people in your specific program or even the Master of Arts students. You have joined a community that loves the church and wants to learn more about how their specific gifts can be used for the Kingdom of God.

And so, perhaps lucky isn’t the best word. Consider yourself challenged by the work. And with that challenge, work for the glory of God.

As you walk this new part of your journey remember these few things.

1) Love where you are. Now. Love the community around you. The differences you see right now in the first few weeks seem cavernous. Embrace these differences and learn from them. These people are feeling the same things you are. Love them. Love this part of your life.

2) Love where you are. Now. Some days you WILL feel like you are drowning. I can guarantee that. But know that even the professors have been in your seat. They know what it feels like to be drowning—they might even feel like they are drowning themselves. We are all human. Love your humanness, and in this, remember that with God, everything is possible. Make time for God, everyday. Love this time.

3) Love where you are. Now. Get involved in the community. Take the classes you want to take. Study for the love of it. Embrace the chance to be in this special community. It is like no other. Get to know people; get to know professors. Love the community—it is practice for the job we have when we move on from this place… loving the church.

You are in a special place. A place to learn. A place to struggle. A place to learn to love the church.