by Matthew Koh, editor-in-chief

Every weather forecast predicted rain on the evening of Wednesday, the 5th of September. That whole day, eyes were cast to the sky, every grey cloud hanging ominously in the minds of the Seminary community. But come 5:30, the heavens were still zippered shut, an answer to many prayers.
Perhaps it was the spirit of gratitude that permeated the air in the glorious sunshine. Perhaps it was the fruits of the hard working volunteers led by the excellent Student Senate Executive Team. Or maybe it was the simple joy of coming together as a community and breaking bread together.
Whatever the case, the All-Seminary Picnic was a resolute success, bringing together old and new faces and getting the faculty and staff out of their offices to enjoy a meal and worship together.
Held in the CRC Recreation Center, the Picnic saw an impressive turnout (free food has its draws, I suppose), filling five long tables.
There were inflatable bounce houses (left uninvaded this year by a certain faculty member) and an onsite playground which were well used by children of many ages, and later there was even cotton candy to give them the necessary placebic sugar rush to continue playing hard.
Students chatted up their profs, spouses turned out in force, and the tables were buzzing with conversation as the community ate their fill together.
Once food had been devoured, the worship band led the community in four songs to further give glory to a God who was that day so evidentially a God who provides in abundance.
A sad note to the otherwise wonderful event was the stinging of a seminarian’s son by bees from a dangerously nearby nest. Thanks be to God, he had recovered enough by the next day to go to school.
Overall though, the All-Seminary Picnic was a great time, bringing the community together for the three f’s (food, fellowship, and fun).
Hopefully there will be more such events in the future.