Who am I, Creator God? PART 1

These blog posts, which have been separated into a two-part oped piece, were originally created as a final course paper for the Hearts Exchanged program that was offered to Canadian students via the lifelong learning centre at Calvin Theological Seminary. I have learned a lot about Indigenous communities and myself … ∞

Insecurity: A Vice of Vices

Insecurity may be one of the most insidious vices that lurks deep within, and which dictates much of what we do. I say this as someone who genuinely brawls with the temptation of insecurity quite often. It’s a subtle, almost camouflaged paradigm of seeing yourself that dictates how you interact … ∞

The Compassionate Christ

A SERMON Text: Luke 19:41-48 (Deuteronomy 4:23-31; 1 Corinthians 12:2-11) Outline ·         Jesus’ deep sorrow for Jerusalem’s future and his prophetic words about Jerusalem’s destruction. (Luke 19:41 – 44) ·         Jesus’ Desire for Repentance and Salvation: cleansing of the temple, and call … ∞

Pastoral Theology, Suffering, and Persecution: A Personal Profile

In contemporary times in Nigeria, Christians face persecution on a daily basis due to their faith. Christians are not only denied access to education, stable employment, excellent infrastructure, and development, but we also face discrimination in the community where I live. The possibility of an attack by our Muslim neighbors … ∞

What do you want??

Introduction James KA Smith asks a highly critical question: “What do you want?” Anyone who lacks concentration and is just motivated by what they believe or what other people say is right will be shaped by this inquiry. I like the way Smith describes us (human beings); he says, “To … ∞


I have yet to find a place wherein expectation and reality lay together.These are the individuals we find at odds;Ones optimistic vision of utopia me by the bulwark of pessimism spoken by realityThe expectations of this world are built upon reality;A reality wherein lies a conflict. A conflict between the … ∞


I woke up today. I woke up to a world filled with rich hue.To a world bursting at the seams,With colour, intrigue, flavor, busy-nessSuch a world where noise abounds, there comesIntrinsic desire, a coveting jealousy; For silence. Through the day we trudge along the spirited paths of joyous hurry.Like a … ∞

Road Trip

Are we there yet?We’ve passed so many borderlines, Timelines,And exit signsAre we there yet? From the uncomfy chair to the dependent glares, We say: are we there yet?In this stuffy air and imminent despair,On this road we ask:Are we there yet? Friends and family are waiting there as heirs But … ∞


YesterdayWhat a silly concept.A day prior to today,Yet displaced by something even worse The present. Yesterday is filled with missed opportunitiesOr alternative plots that can be commemorated with “What if” Yesterday can be remembered as“Dodging disaster”Yet a time sullied with regret“It feels like only yesterday” What a way to describe … ∞