Proverbs: Smart Wisdom

Hey there! It’s great to be back at it writing for Kerux once again. Over the course of lastsummer I endeavored to start a podcast with the goal of bringing dead churches back tolife. One of the series I’ve been writing for has been on the need for true wisdom … ∞


Introduction Before we can consider whether grace and discipline are incompatible, we must first define the terms. Grace is a beautiful word that implies generosity, favor, and friendliness. “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is the gift of … ∞


Who is forgiveness really for? Is it for the sinner or the wounded? I have been contemplating this a lot lately as I deal with my personal grief over losing a parent. Also, the feelings of resentment and other feelings that are kept bottled up inside Is the act of … ∞

New Beginnings, Old Calvinists: The Importance of looking to Christians of the past to prepare ourselves for our future.

As you embark on your journey this year in seminary, whether its your first year or (like me) your last, you’re standing at the threshold of a new chapter in your life. The decision to pursue theological education is a significant one, filled with excitement, anticipation, and perhaps a touch … ∞

Why we need postmillenialism

End times are good times I’m sure that many of us have exchanged pleasantries with eschatology over the last few years. I remember many blog posts, YouTube videos, and comment sections that were inundated with a conversation surrounding whether or not the Covid-19 vaccine was the mark of the beast, … ∞