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Category: Podcast

04: Jerry Rawlings

Host Erik Michael Delange and Producer Christianne Zeiger sit down with 3rd year M.Div student Jerry Rawlings to talk about his story of calling to ministry, Calvin Sem life, and adjusting to life in Michigan.

03: Anastaze Nzabonimpa

Our guest in our third episode is 3rd year M.Div. student, Anastaze ZABONIMBA. In this episode, you’ll get to hear about how Anastaze became a Christian, his experiences with the wars and genocides of Rwanda and the Congo, hiding in the Congolian Rainforests for an entire year, how he miraculously came to … ∞

02: Kristy Bootsma

In this episode, Erik Michael Delange is joined by producer and co-host Christianne Zeiger to interview Kristy Bootsma, who is a 2rd Year M.Div. student, and member of the Women’s Advocacy Committee. She talks about her call story, her work in leadership development at the denominational building, and what it’s … ∞

01: Nathaniel Schmidt

Welcome to the first episode of The Kerux Podcast! In this episode, Erik Michael DeLange interviews Nathaniel Schmidt, who is a 3rd Year M.Div. student, CPE resident, and published poet. He talks about his faith journey, the significant role counseling has played in his spiritual formation, the need for compassionate … ∞