Pastoral Theology, Suffering, and Persecution: A Personal Profile

In contemporary times in Nigeria, Christians face persecution on a daily basis due to their faith. Christians are not only denied access to education, stable employment, excellent infrastructure, and development, but we also face discrimination in the community where I live. The possibility of an attack by our Muslim neighbors … ∞


Hymns and the church have a rich history that goes back many centuries. Hymns are an important component of worship services in churches all around the world. The church uses hymns for a number of significant purposes. Here are some main explanations for why hymns are respected and used in … ∞

Balancing Act

There is a difference between balancing school and work for some of us who have families or already work in ministerial or other positions; there can be a disconnect between these areas of our lives if we do not tend to each other equally. This is something I learned the … ∞

Student Burnout

As we enter the second half of Lent, I cannot help but reflect on the fact that we are also halfway through the school year. For some of us, this is our first year of college, while for others, it is their senior year, and the work is piling up. … ∞

Cast The First Stone

It’s so wonderful when words, phrases, or stories from the Bible become well-known life lessons shared for countless generations. Words such as “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” from John 8:7 offer invaluable wisdom for all ages. While I was studying the text (John 8:7), I … ∞