Travelers: A Poem

Travelers Departing, or arriving Belated, or delaying Saying hi, saying bye Or pensive, saying naught Travelers Walking fast, walking slow Or lazily to kill the time Looking around, tak’n it in Or oblivious to it all Travelers Suitcase large, suitcase small Or just a carry on What’s precious, what’s not … ∞

Whistle While You Work

I remember one of my challenging internships while in seminary. How could I forget it? The workload was too much, something that led me to organize a volunteer group. Every week I needed to do a series of regular tasks, such as organizing and distributing printed material, writing projects, and … ∞

The London Kerux

My curiosity regarding evangelism piqued during my cross-cultural internship in the Philippines last year, and it stayed with me when I went back to seminary. The truth is, seminary was really causing me to doubt a lot of things, and I began to wonder what the point of learning so … ∞

The Mind of A Child

     While working at Pine Rest, I often heard people saying, “I don’t see where God is when I am in trouble,” or “I don’t understand why God let this happen to me.” They cry out, “I am mad at Him because He is just staring at me and … ∞

God’s Chinese Kingdom

How does the Chinese church go about “being the church” in the face of significant government opposition in their country? What I want to do is present a very brief, decidedly un-scientific case study of the ways in which four different Chinese churches answer this question. I chose these four … ∞

The Gift of Presence

It was 4:06 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon when I got the call from Kevin. “There’s been a passing in my family, I don’t know if I can make it to the retreat anymore.” I was stunned. People I knew in his family came crossing through my mind. “Who passed?” … ∞

A Dark and Stormy Night

Troubled times or difficulties in life have been part of humanity since our creation, whether we personally are going through times of trouble, or know someone who is. We can conclude that they are not the best of times, or fun at all. During difficult times, it is in our … ∞

Mix Well Before Use

Studying systematic theology, apologetics, ethics, doctrine, etc. when done with the right mindset can be truly devotional and transformational. Although the practice itself is purely intellectual, this process of study can be approached from a spiritual direction. When we are studying theology, we are deepening our understanding of God. Theology … ∞

Kenyan Sun and Soul

The sun rose early welcoming another beautiful day in the African countryside. The clouds saluted each other respectfully as they joined hands to embark on their daily sojourn across the vast and endless sky. The birds exchanged their morning greetings cheerfully as did the cows and goats on their way … ∞