We Come

the sun lays its rays on mortal foundations embracing all no matter what station warming us close accepted, we come with songs of life and love our hearts turned over; now gentle doves processed through suffering; we become affirmed by the Son blessings for those whose struggles we know both … ∞

May Interpretation Flow like Water: Finding Valid Interpretations of Scripture

Enter any classroom filled with Juniors at a Christian College and say one thing: “Jeremiah 29:11.” Groaning, shouting, and gnashing of teeth are sure to ensue: “Put it in context!” “That passage doesn’t mean what people think it does!” I was among this cohort, and to an extent, they’re correct: … ∞

Considering what’s grotesque: two poems with an essay

A poem about pornography and another about rape – not exactly your usual Kerux fare. Somehow, pastoral odes and free-verse reflections on mundanity’s beauty seem more attuned to a seminary journal. However, upon reading these two poems, the editors of Kerux found themselves intrigued. Despite their reservations, perhaps, just maybe, … ∞

A Vision in the Holy City

Last night I lay a-sleepingThere came a dream so fair,I stood in old JerusalemBeside the temple there.I heard the children singing,And ever as they sang,Me thought the voice of angelsFrom heaven in answer rangMe thought the voice of angelsFrom heaven in answer rang.Jerusalem! Jerusalem!Lift up your gates and sing,Hosanna in … ∞


I am a male American of mixed-European descent. My skin is about as white as skin can get. If anyone should be awarded this elusive “white privilege” that I keep hearing about, surely it would be me. I have been told I already have it. I wonder if it was … ∞

No M.Div. Required

My wife and I had the experience of witnessing a conversation at a Christmas party gone wrong. A retired CRC pastor told the out-of-town friend of the hosts that he shouldn’t be pursuing the call of a pastor without first going to seminary. This was all subsequent, of course, to … ∞

Beauty for Ashes

My marriage had largely ceased at this point. My wife had sat me down and declared she was done. She wanted a divorce. There was no convincing her otherwise. Our marriage was in decay for years, struck low by the death of our daughter, and all vestiges dissolute in our … ∞