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I am a male American of mixed-European descent. My skin is about as white as skin can get. If anyone should be awarded this elusive “white privilege” that I keep hearing about, surely it would be me. I have been told I already have it. I wonder if it was … ∞

No M.Div. Required

My wife and I had the experience of witnessing a conversation at a Christmas party gone wrong. A retired CRC pastor told the out-of-town friend of the hosts that he shouldn’t be pursuing the call of a pastor without first going to seminary. This was all subsequent, of course, to … ∞

Beauty for Ashes

My marriage had largely ceased at this point. My wife had sat me down and declared she was done. She wanted a divorce. There was no convincing her otherwise. Our marriage was in decay for years, struck low by the death of our daughter, and all vestiges dissolute in our … ∞

R.S.V.P. Please

A quick Google search yields many opinions addressing the question, “Can a Christian attend a same-sex wedding?” Many articles say Christians should not attend same-sex weddings. I will attempt to answer this question by sharing how I engaged three other questions and came to a “yes.” I answer this way … ∞

Just As You Are

“God is always bigger than the boxes we build for God, so we should not waste too much time protecting the boxes.” —Richard Rohr ∞ I remember sitting there across the table from our foreign exchange student. She was young, fourteen, beautiful, and full of life. She came from Spain … ∞

Travelers: A Poem

Travelers Departing, or arriving Belated, or delaying Saying hi, saying bye Or pensive, saying naught Travelers Walking fast, walking slow Or lazily to kill the time Looking around, tak’n it in Or oblivious to it all Travelers Suitcase large, suitcase small Or just a carry on What’s precious, what’s not … ∞

Whistle While You Work

I remember one of my challenging internships while in seminary. How could I forget it? The workload was too much, something that led me to organize a volunteer group. Every week I needed to do a series of regular tasks, such as organizing and distributing printed material, writing projects, and … ∞

The London Kerux

My curiosity regarding evangelism piqued during my cross-cultural internship in the Philippines last year, and it stayed with me when I went back to seminary. The truth is, seminary was really causing me to doubt a lot of things, and I began to wonder what the point of learning so … ∞

The Mind of A Child

     While working at Pine Rest, I often heard people saying, “I don’t see where God is when I am in trouble,” or “I don’t understand why God let this happen to me.” They cry out, “I am mad at Him because He is just staring at me and … ∞