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Category: <span>Volume 50</span>

Category: Volume 50

The Holy Spirit and Community

Every spring, my wife, Sarah, and I take part in a strange process called Selection Sunday. We, the mentors of six Project Neighborhood houses, gather to choose which students will live with us for the next school year. Project Neighborhood is an intentional Christian community program for Calvin College students. … ∞

When It Hit Me

Growing up, I’ve always thought that prayer was for the weak and poor. It was a form of encouragement for the hopeless. Therefore, I was devastated when it seemed that the only desperate means to recover from my illness was through prayer. I felt weak and hopeless. However, at the … ∞

Deeper Still

I confess that I was somewhat of an oddity as a child. There are some who might argue that I’ve retained this quality into my adulthood. When I was about eight years old, my family was part of Brethren church plant in Grand Rapids. Actually, my father is the one … ∞

In Review: Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God

  Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God.  By Kelly Brown Douglas.  Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2015.  $24, Paper, xv+240 pps.   At this spring’s Festival of Faith & Writing, Kelly Brown Douglas said she did not want to write this book but felt compelled to … ∞

The Next Big Step

Someone mentioned to me recently that the greatest evangelical tool we have is the testimony of our changed lives. I decidedly disagree. Sure, my life has changed since I became a Christian, but that is not my testimony. I am still a sinner. If my testimony depended on my changed … ∞


I have talked with quite a few pastors who from a very early age knew, with quite a lot of certainty, that they wanted to be pastors when they grew up. There are even more pastors who found that certainty by the time they were in high school or college. … ∞

Upon this Hill

We stood overlooking a craggy, yet serene countryside that embraced the Sea of Galilee at its border. The slope is known as הר האושר (har ha-osher) or the Mount of Beatitudes, traditionally considered to be the location Jesus delivered his life-altering Sermon on the Mount. Though the scene was not … ∞