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Category: <span>Volume 50.3</span>

Category: Volume 50.3

Upon this Hill

We stood overlooking a craggy, yet serene countryside that embraced the Sea of Galilee at its border. The slope is known as הר האושר (har ha-osher) or the Mount of Beatitudes, traditionally considered to be the location Jesus delivered his life-altering Sermon on the Mount. Though the scene was not … ∞

This is My Body: Stories of Brokenness and Communion by Ronald L. Hunsucker

  On February 27, at Calvin College, I had the opportunity to see a theatre production titled, This Is My Body.  In the format of verbatim theatre the play script was a mosaic constructed of word for word interactions by an interviewer and the interviewees. The interviews were reflective of … ∞

Sermon on the Mount: Hearing Christ’s Voice by Christianne Zeiger

Yes, there is more to the Sermon on the Mount than just the Beatitudes! Jesus’ lengthy discourse, found in Matthew 5-7 and Luke 6:17-49, addresses several aspects and concerns of Christian life and ethics, from prayer to the problem of false prophets, which are applicable even for us, some 2000 … ∞