If you weren’t able to make it to Dies Natalis (The Seminary’s Birthday Party) here is what you missed:

  • Grant Hofman instructing the group in Seminary calisthenics: stand, sit, pick up your textbook, page through, put it down, the end.
  • A wonderful breakfast of eggs, bacon, waffles, fruit, and more catered by Creative Dining
  • A fun bunch of awards:

-The Dean Deppe Best Dressed Award: won by Prof. Hoezee

-The Carl Bosma Tree Slayer Award: won by President  Medenblik

-Best Ad Lib Saying in the Classroom Award: won by Prof. Deppe

– The Golden Shorts Award (for athletic ability): won by Dean Sajdak

  • Last but certainly not least: A challenge by Prof. Schreiber to come up with skits and videos for next year which included a humorous video advertising E-gape, a seminary dating service run by Prof. Deppe.

By Robert Van Zanen