Dear Beloved Calvin Seminary Community,

As I sit down to type these words, my heart is filled with a tapestry of emotions – gratitude, nostalgia, and a profound sense of awe at the theological journey we’ve shared. The time has come for me to bid you a heartfelt farewell as I prepare to graduate and step into the next chapter of my life.

Navigating the currents of theological discourse with you all has been a privilege and a source of immense joy. The seminary has been more than a learning environment; it’s been a sacred space where questions were welcomed, doubts explored, and faith deepened. As I prepare to pass the editorial baton, I find solace in the rich fabric of our collective theological exploration.

The season of Advent, with its lit candles and patient waiting, mirrors the essence of our shared journey. Together, we’ve patiently awaited the unveiling of theological truths, finding beauty in the process of inquiry and the shared pilgrimage of faith. The glow of understanding that illuminates our discussions has been, for me, like the warm light of an Advent candle, guiding us through the sacred corridors of theological discovery.

As I bid farewell, I carry with me the countless moments of illumination sparked by your questions, insights, and shared reflections. Each article, each discussion, has been a step closer to the divine, a journey that I am grateful to have undertaken with such a remarkable community.

Just as Advent beckons us to anticipate the arrival of something new and transformative, so does my graduation mark the beginning of a new chapter. I leave with a heart full of gratitude for the shared moments of theological revelation and a deep appreciation for the intellectual and spiritual growth we’ve experienced together.

Farewells, like the Advent season, are bittersweet. I am filled with gratitude for the wisdom and camaraderie we’ve shared, and I feel a sense of hope as I anticipate the continued flourishing of our seminary community. The seeds of inquiry we’ve planted together will undoubtedly bear fruit in the fertile soil of your continued exploration.

As I step beyond the familiar halls of our beloved seminary, halls i only walked a few weeks a year because i am part of the distance program and did most of my work from south Florida, I carry with me the lessons learned, the questions pondered, and the faith deepened by our collective journey. My time as your editor has been an odyssey of theological discovery, and I am confident that the flame of inquiry will continue to burn brightly in the capable hands and eager hearts of each one of you. Zach Kime will be taking the mantle from me as of the conclusion of this semester and I know and trust that his capable hands will do immeasurably more than mine did with the Kerux community that we know and love. Thank you Zach for your willingness to lead, thank you Pastor Jeff Sadjak for the oversight and the empowerment to lead and to try things, and thank you to every writer who sent in their work for me to publish these last 3 years.

With a heart brimming with gratitude and hope for the future,

Adam Sculnick, almost MDiv graduate and soon to be former editor of Kerux