When the Holy Spirt comes for a visit to your house, do you offer your best chair? Do

you sit in the chair that rocks a little and sits uncomfortably near the bathroom? A meditation

of mine lately has been on the journey of Mary to find a place to give birth to the Messiah. As

the Spirit brings about new life in my heart, what place do I give for this abundance of newness,

this space for grace and growth? I must admit that I can be in unabashed denial. Of course, I

give him my favorite spot on the couch. The one that fits the shape of my curled-up knees. I put

that aside for Him…most of the time. Of course, there are those times when I make him sit in

the other room because I want to watch TV instead of listening to His voice. There are also the

times when I wake up late and I need to sit in my spot because, how else will I start my day

properly if I don’t finish my to-do list before I leave the house. At dinner, He just can’t sit in my

seat. I want to talk to my husband, and the kids are complaining, and I just don’t have time to

listen to Him. I don’t have time for Him to talk to the kids, we need to finish up dinner so that

we can finish off that to-do list from the morning. Now it’s bedtime. I could give Him that cozy

rocking chair in the kid’s room. We could read the Bible and spend extra time in prayer. I’m sure

it would be great for the little ones…. ok, He can sit there for a few minutes, but we really need

to hurry it up, I’m tired and I only want to read from the short kid Bible tonight.

Giving Jesus the favorite chair takes time! It demands that you don’t rush Him. He could

decide to stay for a long time. He could decide to change up my schedule, my plans, my routine,

my habits. It simply might take up more energy than I have to give. Mary was inconvinient at

the doorway of each desired lodging. A birthing room in not the most soothing situation for

guests. Isn’t it the truth that new birth can be incredibly disruptive? It can be painful and

jarring. Yes, giving the Spirit the prime spot in your house for this type of life altering change

and disruption is just plan inconvenient.

Holy Spirit, help us to be ok with the inconvenience of letting you have our best. The best place

in our humble hearts, and the best of our attention and time. Open our hearts to see that we

long for you to sit there and be with us, more than we will ever know or understand!

Jennifer Fortosis