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Hannah’s Prayer for CTS

Hannah’s Prayer for CTS

Dear Lord:

I pray Lord that you would continue to bring to Calvin Seminary a diversity of students and perspectives so that we will fully represent the spectrum of your church. I pray Lord that all women who enter the doors would feel affirmation of who they are, as they are. I pray that every student who comes will feel affirmation of their call, fully supported by their denomination. I pray that no matter what form a student’s ministry takes that it would be recognized as legitimate and brought forth out of your inspiration. I pray that students will not feel despair or loss of enthusiasm because of short sighted systems. I pray that traditions would not choke out the goodness you seek to bring from something new. I pray that what is worthy to carry on will not be lost. I pray come Holy Spirit blow afresh into every corridor, every person so that we all will be filled with vision, energy, and hope. May nothing steal our joy of doing your work. May the wrongs that have been done by your people be confessed, grieved, and reconciled. Help us Lord to cultivate a community that is hospitable and gracious to each other, allowing and celebrating the variety of your people. Continue to move your people to ever greater flourishing. May we truly see each other. I pray Lord for open eyes to see and challenge broken systems that divide us along racial, economic, or any other arbitrary labels. Come Lord Jesus. Show us how to live.

In Jesus’ Holy Name,



By Hannah Smele

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