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In the Beginning: A Poem by Kizzy Thomas

In the Beginning: A Poem by Kizzy Thomas

In the beginning

God created “something” from nothingness;

gave shape to what was formless.

Said, “let there be light” and so spoke light into the darkness.

He scooped down into the dust of the earth from the ground, and made life from nonexistence.

And, even when life fell, pursued life with “first love” perseverance,

a passionate persistence.



loves with a brilliance

like none other.

He’s a Father to the fatherless with a faithfulness not one can fathom;

a presence, even when un-felt, is never absent

ever giving definition to a grace that is ever-lasting.

His name is matchless.

In the beginning.

In the beginning,

Father God, Holy Spirit, the Incarnate Son

who is, and was, and is to come.

Sin-less for the sin-full ones.

An ever promise of redemption, ever providence of compassion

outside of time extending over all eternity

with, outstretched arms exemplifying the embrace of divinity toward humanity.

Perfect in strength; bearing all sovereignty,

yet choosing humility.

Intentionally. On purpose.

Intimately involved with His people but with purpose.

There’s, a, greater story.

Your life, but for His glory

to fill all the earth for all our days.

There is but one way.

He is the Life, the Way, the Truth…

In the beginning.

In the beginning

was the Word.

God-ordained and God-breathed.

Useful for correcting, rebuking and to teach.

Dividing goats from sheep,

Alive and active

sharper than any two-edged sword,


as far as the division of Spirit and soul.

Spilling into every sphere of life, for the life-bereaved

saying to those in need, “while I may be found, search for me,”

“with all your heart, soul, strength and mind love me

be a sweet perfume and a light for all the world to see

devote your whole self to finding me

to find you.”


In the beginning.

In the beginning,

was the Word.

And the Word was with God.

And the Word was God

and the Word is with you

in you

and within you.

Fighting to the end for you,

And goes before you

triumphantly surrounds you

victoriously secures you

upholds you

Surely His goodness and mercy shall follow you

all, the days, of your life.


For all, the days, of your life

Have in view that He has called you,

–and by name, so He won’t forget you,

–and to this space, so He won’t forsake you;

He will bless you and keep you,

make His face to shine upon you.

Because, in the beginning, He first loved you.

And is in love with you.


spoke a word, that whether you know it or not to this place, ultimately lead you

So, in Christ name, may this Word and these words dwell richly in you

all the way through to the end,

from this beginning…


In the beginning. 

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