In the Spotlight:

If you see these people around, introduce yourself. If you already know them, tell them how lovely they looked in the Kerux!

Student Spotlight: Keisuke Yoshioka

Kerux: Hello Keisuke; where are you from and how long have you been at Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS)?

Keisuke: I came from Japan.  I served as a senior pastor for nine years at Sendai city in Japan.  I have already spent two years at CTS.  I spent the first year as a visiting scholar.  Then, I enrolled in the Th.M program, studying church history.  I’m especially interested in the church polity.  This is my final year.

Kerux: How did you hear about CTS and what made you choose it?

Keisuke: My denomination is the Reformed Church in Japan (RCJ).  My denomination, especially the classis nearby Tokyo, has walked with the missionaries from CRC.  All the missionaries from CRC to Japan have worked together with my denomination.  Because of this intimate relationship with CRC, CTS was my first choice for my studying abroad.

Kerux: What is different here than where you are from, originally?

Keisuke: Japan has pretty long history of Christianity.  However, in terms of the extension and popularization of Christianity, Japan is a backward country.  So the culture and atmosphere based on Christianity in the seminary, churches and daily life in here are new for me.

Kerux: Any final thoughts to share with our Kerux readers?

Keisuke: I have thee wonderful kids.  So, I’m actually an old man 🙂 Please address me; I’ll always welcome you.


Staff Spotlight: Denise Mokma

I have been working in the Academic Office since September of 2012. I have been familiar with CTS since 2010, when my then-roommate Laura Guichelaar-DeRuiter started the MDiv program.

I was raised just to the south of Holland, MI, in Graafschap. I have sung in various choirs for 15 years, and recently started taking piano lessons.

I enjoy baking cheesecake, and recently made jam for the first time. I also enjoy reading Lewis, Chesterton, Sayers and Doyle.