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Kerux Editorial Team

Kerux Editorial Team

Juliana Bosma

Hometown: I was born and raised in a small hamlet called Neerlandia, which is in Northern Alberta, Canada.

My favorite aspect of CTS has definitely been the community events: Christmas Potluck, BBQ’s, Intermural sports teams, Chapel and Donuts… etc

Best place to study and why: My favorite place to study is the couches in the student center.  I love the activity around me when I am working and I don’t mind being interrupted from studying the occasional time.

Where do I hope to live/serve after CTS: My fiancé Paul and I hope to live and serve somewhere in Canada, but we are excited to wherever God will lead us.

Advice: Invest yourself into this community; get to know your classmates, faculty and staff. Attend the community events. It won’t take long for this community to feel like home.

Daniel De Vries

Hi there! I’m thrilled to be one of the Kerux editors this year. I am from the Grand Rapids area, but I grew up on the mission field in the Philippines. My wife, Betsy, and I are entering our second year at CTS in the MDiv program. Aside from school, we enjoy reading, watching movies, and going for walks with our little dog, Kirby. I have really enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken at CTS so far. One of the best parts for me is being able to take most of my classes with Betsy. She is a great help to me in studying, which we usually do early in the morning over coffee. We are unsure what life holds for us after CTS, but we have another two years to help us figure it out! We are open to different possibilities, but I am reasonably sure I want to go on to further education after receiving my MDiv. I hope that all incoming students have a smooth transition into this community and are looking forward to the challenges, the learning, and the growing that is close ahead. Enjoy your classes, and enjoy the people around you. CTS is a great place to be.

Robin Rhodes

Hometown: I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi.

Favorite aspect of CTS: My favorite aspect of CTS is its sense of community.  CTS is very intentional about fostering community with its students, their families, the staff, and the professors.

Best place to study and why: I love studying at home.  I am a people watcher, so studying at the seminary, or anyplace there are people to watch and talk to, offers too many distractions for me.  At home, I can be laser-beam focused.

Where I hope to be/live/serve after CTS: My husband and I hope to do world missions in another country; not sure where just yet.

One piece of advice I would give to incoming students: Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zones and socialize with people outside of your normal peer group.