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Looking Back: Experiences at CTS

Looking Back: Experiences at CTS

We want to thank the CTS community for a great year! Amidst the business of papers and exams, students have taken the time to both to read the Kerux, and to share their insights and articles on a variety of topics that interested them. We couldn’t have had such interesting editions if it wasn’t for the support and hard work of many students in the CTS community.

For our final edition, we wanted to hear some of the stories of second or third year students. We tried especially hard to get the stories of graduates  – we thought this might be one of our last                    opportunities to really hear their voices – but didn’t factor in the many burdens seniors carry this semester: most did not have time to add an autobiographical article to their workload! However, four seniors (Elaine May, James Magee, Robin Rhodes, and Hannah Smele) were able to share pieces with us. Three of those pieces are stories of their experiences here, while a piece by Hannah Smele is a heartfelt prayer for future growth of Calvin Seminary. We ask that we listen especially closely to the voices and suggestions of those calling for needed changes, and to be a part of an ongoing conversation about how to make CTS equally welcoming and beneficial for all of our community. At the same time, let’s continue to celebrate the stories of growth, accomplishment, and joy shared as well here at CTS.

Some other offerings in this edition of the Kerux: You can check out which internships students are participating this summer! Editor Robert Van Lonkhuyzen offers, in continuation with March’s theme, his journey leading to his time at CTS. Paula Seales, a first year ThM student, also shares her story and decision take on another, even more intense, degree at CTS. You can also read an introduction to the new executive team of Senate. Kate Kooyman shares with us the vision behind Pub Theology, a new initiative of the Office of Social Justice of the CRCNA. Staff editor Ron Hunsucker offers a reflection on how the spiritual disciplines can help seminarians handle the stress of seminary in a beneficial way that prepares them for ministry.

Enjoy the articles! This is the final edition for this year, but we’d appreciate suggestions for next year: what issues do you think the Kerux should address? What particular issues are most important to the student body? As always, send your ideas to kerux@calvinseminary.edu.

The Kerux Editors


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