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New Toastmasters President

New Toastmasters President

Recently Calvin Seminary Toastmaster’s club confirmed Bradley Diekema as its new President. Diekema takes over from Toastmaster’s veteran Hannah Smele who will be graduating with an M.Div this year. Brad is excited to continue growing in his mastery of toasts and hopes you will join him every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 12:30 for the club.

Brad Diekema writes, “I am honored to take over leadership of the Ted Spoelstra Toastmasters club. Hannah Smele did a wonderful job as club president. Through her leadership, the club saw many new members join this year. What I enjoy most about this club is the positive feedback that is provided. The feedback system highlights what the speaker did well and it offers constructive criticism in how to improve in weaker areas. Since I joined the club, I have noticed my public speaking skills improve. One skill that has improved is eye contact. Before I joined the club, when I would give a presentation, I would make as little eye contact as possible. Since joining Toastmasters, I have improved in maintaining constant eye contact with my audience. Toastmasters club is a fun and non-threatening way to improve both leadership and public speaking skills. I invite you to come check us out!”

If you are interested in joining Toastmasters, feel free! The club is free to all Calvin Seminary students thanks to the generosity of Ted Spoelstra. If you need leadership experience there is plenty of opportunity. Toastmasters currently has several officer positions that need filling. Email Brad Diekema at bsd063@calvinseminary.edu.


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