Christian Response to COVID-19

A catastrophe is no time for the Church to begin straining its unused vocal cords in the public square. The Church’s response then must be through the witness of our actions. Actions born of our recognition, of our participation in God’s care of the world through our participation in Christ’s … ∞

Covid-19 part 1 (Human beings as image bearers of God)

There has been greater national and international devastation but the COVID-19 pandemic has its own distinctive character: states of emergency, nation-wide lockdowns, travel bans, the closure of most public institutions, and dire economic repercussions due to this devastating virus. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has been transforming the lives … ∞

Opening Day

As we endeavor to begin another semester of deep, theological study, it is worth mentioning something that most people have a tendency to overlook. Perhaps that’s unfair of me to say as a generalization and I should just say that I myself have this struggle, but I’d wager that by the time you’ve read what I’m about to say you’ll agree with me. And if my wager is wrong, catch me on campus during intensives and I’ll buy you coffee. And if this isn’t another semester for you and it’s perhaps your first go ‘round, then heed this concept I’m about to place at your feet, or rather in front of your face, as a warning…

Bearing in Mind

I flipped to 1 Thessalonians earlier this week. Paul opens with a sort of blessing, thanking God for them and remembering them in his prayers. In verse three, Paul says that he is, “constantly bearing in mind your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in … ∞

Psalm for our Nation

Father of Heaven and Earth, Our nation was tonight like never before. In an instant each city was covered in a gentle rain and I was above it all gazing down in wonder as the arena I’ve lived in my entire adult life was transformed, as from a simple seed … ∞

Broken and Beautiful

I’m broken.   There.  I said it.  I’m a vessel, broken and shattered.  I often say one thing and do another.  I get frustrated, angry, stressed out and drained.  I mess up.  Every. Single. Day.  Some days it feels as though making it to the end will be a blessing because … ∞

Relationship in Love

I am not religious.  It seems like a strange statement for a Christian to say, perhaps, but I realized long ago that there are key differences between Christianity and religion.  Religion is a set of observances, statutes, ways that must be followed in order to obtain new life either in … ∞

Agape Love

Several weeks ago, I married the kindest man I have ever met. The joy and delight of the newness of marriage has had me reflecting upon love, service, and kindness, and how those things are rooted in Christ. One of the foremost passages of Scripture that may come to mind … ∞

Unity is Calling

Did you hear that?  No? It’s the sound of a blaringly obvious message from our Lord Jesus being ignored by entire generations of professing Christians. I guess you wouldn’t have heard it, because you were too busy being angry that Biden is president. Or too busy celebrating that Biden is … ∞