by John Medendorp, co-editor-in-chief


Nothing inspires the mind to enjoy a sunny fall Saturday afternoon quite like a hearty serving of pancakes.  Laura Guichelaar and Ashley Stam, well aware of this timeless factoid, used a fellowship grant from Student Senate to host a pancake breakfast on the morning of Saturday, October 20, in the Student Center.  Students, faculty, and staff, along with their families, rose from their beds and ambled toward the seminary, plates and silverware in hand, to eat serving after serving of steaming hotcakes, fresh off the griddle.  It was a wonderful time of food, fellowship, and fun, asstudents chatted with faculty and staff, and the laughter of children filled the air.

The event was funded with a fellowship grant from Student Senate.  Student Senate encourages any students who are interested to apply for fellowship grants to host events that bring together seminary students with the intention of fostering intentional community.  For fellowship grant applications, contact Laura Guichelaar, Student Senate Treasurer (