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Part II: The Prayer of Jabez

Part II: The Prayer of Jabez

A Prayer from the Heart

Jabez seemed to understand what it meant to serve the Lord. He was aware of the concepts of grace and sin. Compared to his brethren, he was “more honorable.” He knew his weakness, so he prayed. He was aware that his immorality could cause suffering. It was not what he wanted to do. Instead, he desired to remain obedient to the God of the covenant. He was aware that he was powerless to alter the dire circumstances he found himself in. He was unable to carry that out. Thus, he prayed. He had nowhere else to go. Take note of what the Bible says: “Jabez invoked the God of Israel.” Not merely on God; this God of Israel had brought His people out of slavery. He led them across Jordan and through the Red Sea on dry land. As a testament to what God had accomplished and promised, stones were stacked high. He had saved them from the enemy. (Exod. 14:21-29; Joshua 4:1)

With all of this knowledge, Jabez begged God, the God of Israel, for assistance. This was the God with the authority. He was not one of those wretched, gullible Baals. Despite having mouths, they were mute. Despite having ears, they were deaf. They had no significance! He went to the God of Israel, his God, and gave Him his whole being!

Reflective questions: Do you know your God? Do you have a history with him? Who do you call when in pain or trouble?

Seeking for Blessings

Jabez’s prayer was, in fact, a prayer of faith—faith in the Covenant Promise of God. Scripture provides us with a brief biography. The Old Testament’s far-off past provides us with all the information we require about this man. Upon closely examining this prayer, we discover that each of the four requests has something to do with God’s covenant.

“Oh, that Thou wouldst bless me indeed,” Jabez uttered. This is a cry of trust and faith. This comes from someone who has descended so far into the darkness that it is creeping upon him. “I can’t live without you,” he sobs. Every hour, I need you. It is an appeal for faith to the covenant God who has made numerous promises to us. He then includes the word “indeed.” This word is equivalent to adding five exclamation points to the phrase “bless me” in Hebrew. That is the extent of his importance in this. “Oh, how I need Thy blessing—that blessing which was promised!!!!!” he is wailing to his god.

Reflective questions: Do you desire God’s blessings? How well do you remember God’s covenants and promises?

Seeking an Increase

He states, “… and expand my coast,” or domain. Remember that the land that was given to Israel had great significance. It was proof of God’s presence, concern, and fidelity. Israel was not endowed with all the blessings we enjoy in Christ, including proof of the resurrection. They were unable to say, “This is the word of God,” when they picked up a Bible. In what way could they ascertain the veracity of God’s assurance? God placed them on a promised piece of land. That plot of land served as proof of God’s faithfulness. Like the Tabernacle and the Temple, the land was a blessing in tangible form. It declared that God’s words were true.

Here is what Jabez prays: “Oh, that Thy kingdom and Thy power may be seen.” I look around me, and I see those who should know and love Thee turning their backs on Thee and choosing to go their separate ways. Oh, that your adversaries would be eliminated. May you be revered as God! How crucial it is for God to be recognized for who He is! So that all of this proof could clarify what He had promised.

Reflective questions: Are you satisfied with your current situation? Do you desire an increase in your territory?

A Gratitude Prayer for Safety

Then Jabez says, “That your hand might be with me.” Since God is a spirit, it goes without saying that none of us can see his hand. We are both incapable of comprehending the utter magnificence of God as a spirit. This is verifiable, and we can comprehend it to some extent. But how are God’s actions and concerns to be explained? God’s hand demonstrates His might and benevolence. Therefore, Jabez begs: “Lead me and guide me powerfully so that I will be faithful to Thee.” I’m a member of a corrupt society. Sin has obscured your name.

Because of the wickedness of our society, the church must also pray for this. “Keep me, despite my frailty and the departure from Thee that I observe everywhere,” is what Jabez is saying. Hold on to me. I am aware of my weaknesses and my propensity to give in to temptation and fall. Hold on to me. Give me your hand, please!

Reflective questions: Are you aware of your weakness? Do you need God’s hands?

A Prayer for Direction

“That Thou wouldst keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me,” is Jabez’s last desperate cry. Maybe a more accurate translation would be “Keep me from pain.” He begs for this because he is aware of how quickly he can respond when hurt. “I feel so helpless and terrified. I am aware that without you, I cannot function. Every hour, I need them. Regardless of this current darkness, please help me to bear witness to your greatness. The Temple Mount and the city of Jerusalem were different from what he was searching for. He desired eternal life with the Lord.

Reflective questions: What are you looking for? Do you desire eternity with the Lord?


Amid his dark shadows, Jabez was praying for the one true blessing, which is the fulfillment of the covenant in Jesus Christ. This blessing was only possible because of Him (Jesus). That remains the case even now. God gives His church blessings. It’s possible that this blessing won’t include all of those happy-making objects (Techs). It might even be rife with persecution or poverty. Still, these are also gifts from God. However, there is one blessing that we are certain we deserve: what Jesus Christ has accomplished for us. He assures us of the glorious realization of everything He has said in the Book of Revelation, lest we pass out in the seemingly never-ending darkness that seems to be engulfing us on all sides. One day, the Rider on the White Horse will triumph and announce it. After that, everything will be brand-new.

Can you pray this prayer by Pete Drake: Lord, please expand my opportunities and my impact in such a way that I touch more lives for Your honor. Shape the next part of my destiny. Put me where you want me to be. Let me do more for You! Amen.


Martin H. Kamaidan