There are negative and positive reactions towards problem. Below are some of the many ways a person reacts to problem.

Weeping and crying: People weep and cry when they lost hope in life or in certain situations. Most people end up crying bitterly when they had been disappointed. But in all, I hear Jesus saying “cast all your cares upon me, for I care for you”. If you really believe and know that Jesus loves you and cares for you, you don’t need to cry. Instead, be happy (laugh). You see, our inability to wait or to be patient is what causes such pain to such an extent. The Bible says, with the Lord, a thousand years is like a day, and a day with the Lord is like a thousand years.

When someone is in trouble or problem that person must cry. Either cry (silent cry), or (crying with tears) outcry. When a woman is being hurt she cry from within, (bitterly) and that is her nature. People cry because of how they feel about the problem they are passing through.

Downcast and discouragement: Imagine a situation whereby a man with a family to cater for, suddenly lost his job or better still, his only source of income and there is no other means to look after the welfare of his family. For one to be discouraged, he must have been trying or working out things, but did not achieve his aim or desired result. One gets discouraged in relationship with one another even as brethren when one gets disappointed. People get discourage when there is need of finances, parents support, good advice etc. and there will be no one to help, people get discouraged when they are willing to do something and then others critic them. A lot of youths today became great failures in life because of discouragement.

Giving up quitting: One usually gives up when he thinks it’s over, when he thinks he cannot take any step further. When someone gives up on something that means that individual has lost hope on that particular thing. Be tough in any situation, as the popular adage says, ‘when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going’ the fact that someone has failed, doesn’t mean he has failed, he has failed when he has finally given up. “You can do all things…”! Isn’t this statement amazing? This is what God is telling you, “You can do all things through Jesus…” Philippians 4:13, John 15:5. Do not let anything limit you. What is limiting you anyway? Why do you think it can limit you? Who said it can limit you? Whoever said that to you, it is a lie from the pit of hell! You must know that your situation now is not the matter, but your confessions, your declarations and what you believe in, is what matters most. As a born-again child of God, I tell you, you can do all things. No reservation, through Christ who strengthens you. Be courageous, be firm and stand strong in the faith and you will be a man of possibilities, a man of “I can do all things through Christ”! To quit means to leave or abandon something. Maybe you think, you can’t do it again. A lot of people have tried to do something and found out that it’s difficult and gave it up: not knowing that difficulty is the only way to get somewhere. One who give up easily, will grow hatred to that particular thing he is pursuing he always discourage himself with the word “I can’t do it”

Change of lifestyle and environment: There are people who when they are depressed, rejected, did shameful thing, they try to change their lifestyle or environment, they change their attitude, mode of dressing and almost everything about them. Either from good to bad, or from bad to good.

Not being able to trust again: Problem is not what you think should happened to someone, not to talk of yourself if you have been cheated, or tricked by someone

before. You find it difficult to trust due to the way you got into problem/trouble by someone’s trick.

Complaining and murmuring: To complain or to murmur, is to express dissatisfaction. But the Bible says, “Rejoice always…” Make yourself ready to rejoice, begin to celebrate your God given victory! As a child of God, you should know that you are not just an over comer. The Bible says “we are more than a conqueror”. “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the Spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified”. Isaiah 61:3

If you want to shame your enemy, be happy, be joyful and always be cheerful. This is the only secret to putting your enemy into confusion.

Carefree and negligence: It means falling in being careful enough so that something bad happens. Now we will look into this topic in another dimension, I mean, we will give it another look. Many people feel they can’t stop something from happening, what they do is to let it happen. While others don’t take anything serious, they take everything the same, or as nothing. Such people become weak and crucial programs or project doesn’t seem to be important to them.

Suicide: To kill oneself is to commit suicide! Sometimes people react to problem to the extent of killing themselves/committing suicide by either using gun, knife, rope, poison estrange, say when/ if they are ignored, frustrated, depressed, or annoyed.

Ignored: To be rejected is to be unaccepted, and when people accept you not, it has because a problem. Still, it’s the same thing when you are faced with problem people turn away from you, and their rejection comes! So, when one is in

problem and seems like no one wants to help, that person feels bad and think he is rejected.

Problem free life can ONLY be found in the grave! Indeed, the grave is the quietest place you can ever imagine. As the corpses are laid each in its respective place, no one talk to the other, not even a move! Everyone is just quiet and still. How would you imagine living in such a quiet place with nothing to do and no one to talk to? Everybody is just him/herself, and don’t even care about the next person lying beside him/her. I tell you, life would have lost its value and meaning in such a situation. Living a problem free life in this mortal body is never possible. Problem will come your way, irrespective of your position or status. Your position or status does not and will not shield you from life’s problem. If only you can hold on to the word of God Almighty, then no problem can either make you afraid or destroy you.

Everyone struggles with life, and no matter whom you are or where you come from, if only you are willing to be honest with yourself, even if you cannot be honest with others, life seems to be as much a struggle as it is a gift! There seems to be a fearsome truth about life, everyone struggles- we struggle with prosperity and poverty, success and failure, pride and timidity, courage and fear, life and death, sin and righteousness, sex and abstinence, love and hatred etc. The real struggle of a man is often from within and this inner struggle is hardly seen or shared but often we live in fear, frustration, pains, hurts, emptiness, and denials from them. Denial is “a self-protective behavior that keeps us from honestly facing the truth. Many times when we come under the pressure of life, we resort to blame games, some escape route, substance abuse, or we become depressed or reactive to life, to people around us or we just simply give up on life and even on God. This makes us to damn ourselves and everyone that matters to us – as we do this, we hurt ourselves and end up hurting the very people we hate to hurt, and from then on

we live in a limbo of timeless frustration and of emptiness and we keep getting hurt over and time again. Whatever life may portend, don’t ever take the easy way out – even when life stinks, don’t ever, ever, ever quit!

Life is a process of solving problem! As you are living in this mortal body, the very reason for your living is to solve problems, as many that come your way. As you overcome a problem, another comes. So, you see, the process of solving problem is life itself. Life is never straight, it always up and down¸ is never smooth. Every achiever in life has learnt to overcome problem. Whenever you overcome a problem, you are catapulted to the next level and as you overcome another problem in “the next level” you are again catapulted to another level. So, life in its totality is a process of solving problems. In other words, problems are propellers!! It will take one from a point to a higher one, where one is supposed to be.

Every problem is a disguise miracle!! When problem comes, you feel you cannot bear it at times, it is too much on you and you begin to complain. But when you hold on a little longer, I tell you, you will be surprise at the outcome. It could be a promotion in your place of work, or a favor in your business when you least expect it. Whenever strike you, as a child of God just knows that it is for your good! It is a miracle in a disguise! The end result of hardship (problem) when you endure to the end could be so huge that you begin to wonder. It could be that admission you have been looking for, for years, it could be an appointment, a favor or anything at a time you least expect.

Martin H. Kamaidan

Saved by Grace