Safety and Security at Englewood/ Batchawana

On Tuesday, October 8th, Batchawana and Englewood Housing residents met in the Seminary Auditorium for a Safety and Security Meeting.  In attendance at the meeting were Calvin College’s Director of Campus Safety, Bill Corner, and Grand Rapids Police Officer, Joshua Mollen.

The Residents had the opportunity to share their experiences with these crimes and hear suggestions of how to respond in the future.  Officer Joshua Mollen encouraged residents to call 9-1-1 when there is evidence of a crime.  Some crimes that the residents experienced include: attempted break-ins, items stolen from vehicles, loud partying, and assault.


Here is one family’s experience:

One day, a young girl, 12 years old, came close to my daughter, with much interest, kindness and friendliness, saying, could I play with you? My daughter liked her too. We thought it would be a good opportunity for my daughter to have a friend. We allowed her to enter our house to play with our daughter. They played “Hide and Seek” in our room, which my daughter got very excited. We never thought what bad intention would be in such a pretty girl, until my wife sensed that she seemed to be very interested in the possessions we have. After counseling with the pastor in the Chinese Church and a social worker who visited us regularly during that time, we did not allow the girl to come into our house anymore.”  ~~WeiQing Lin

Mikhael Lindra, with the support of Student Senate, Dean of Students Office, and Campus Safety, is now working on setting up a Neighborhood Watch for the Englewood/ Batchawana Housing.

By: Juliana Bosma