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Scripture Memory Club

Scripture Memory Club

Scripture Memory club has kicked off well this year according to its facilitators Charles Van Hoffen and Willem DeVries. Grant Hofman commented on how Scripture memorization has enriched his life: “I have noticed that my devotional life often tends to be in dichotomous relationship with the actual daily living of my life.  Memorization has really helped unify this broken relationship.  By memorizing, I find that the words sink in more deeply and I begin to view and interact with the world more consistently through the framework of the scripture I am reading.”

Willem and Charles have provided the following reflection on the group:

As soon as we heard that there was a Scripture Memory Club, we both knew that this was the club that we wanted to be part of. There is something special and important about hiding God’s Word in our hearts so that it can instruct, encourage, correct, and guide us in our daily living and ministry (Psalm 19:7-11; Psalm 119:9-11; 2 Timothy 3:16). We did not start this group.  Scripture Memory Club began before our time here.  We merely continued a great discipline.”

Each person in the club chooses a portion of Scripture that they feel drawn to and then create a plan to memorize it. This year, each person has memorized a Psalm. Members of the club are currently working on “Sermon on the Mount,” 1 Thessalonians, Titus, James, 1 Peter, 1 John, and James. They meat every other week and recite what they have memorized for each other. Some members even opt to memorize in the original language. They use the club to help hold each other accountable and encourage each other.

“It takes discipline but the benefits are numerous and eternal. The more you do it the easier it gets,” write Wim and Charles. Feel free to join SMC any time, they would be excited to have you become a part of the club.