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I woke up today.

I woke up to a world filled with rich hue.
To a world bursting at the seams,
With colour, intrigue, flavor, busy-ness
Such a world where noise abounds, there comes
Intrinsic desire, a coveting jealousy;

For silence.

Through the day we trudge along the spirited paths of joyous hurry.
Like a sprinter running through their world with the hopes of reaching peace;

Of reaching this idol of silence
“Once I’ve run hard and wearied
“Then I can obtain the prize”

I have run towards this silence, yet once I knock on its door,

I am welcomed by the ugly beast:
My souls untouched fear:
A fear of epiphany.
An epiphany of a life on the wrong trail.
Silence was once my salvation,
Yet it is the soil that will bury many devils.
Silence is the doorway to knowing the One,
Who would bring true peace