President, Adrian deLange

Your hometown:  I’ve lived in five different provinces and states in the past few years, so at this point home is where my wonderful wife Kaylee is.

Your favorite aspect of CTS (a person, an event, an experience, a class, etc.):  My favorite aspect of CTS is after-class interactions with professors (and fellow students). Call me a nerd or whatever, but I continue to be impressed with the CTS faculty and their eagerness to share their passions not only for their subject matter, but also for their students.

Your best place to study and why:  Anywhere I can put my feet up. I don’t know what it is, but when my body is relaxed, my mind is usually ready to roll! Having said that, the Student Center is usually out, since there’s too usually too many good conversations going on there for me to get my work done. I love to spend time in the Student Center too…but I never expect to be particularly productive.

Where you hope to be/live/serve after CTS:  I have a passion for the mission of God’s church–especially the one that is looking for new life, new hope, and new purpose. With that passion, I hope to serve an urban CRC that is looking to begin the process of revitalization.

One piece of advice you would give to incoming students:  I’m going to cheat and offer three: (1) Go to class. It seems like a no-brainer, but it can sometimes be a battle just to get there. (2) Speak up. Your voice and your thoughts are important and need to be heard. You will learn more–we will all learn more–if you are willing to engage (both within and outside the classroom) the questions and conversations that come out of our coursework. (3) Make some great friends. (Again, duh). Friends are great people to do (1) and (2) with, but also to hold you accountable and to encourage and challenge you to be the Christian leader that God has called you to be! And there is no shortage of good candidates at CTS.

Vice-President, Ben VanStraten

Hometown:  Grew up in Woodstock Ontario but prior to seminary spent seven years in Exeter Ontario serving as a youth pastor.

Favorite aspect of CTS:  My favourite aspect of CTS is the wonderful community that we get to be a part of.  Living in Seminary housing has been a great way for my whole family to be part of the seminary experience.

Best place to study and why:  My best place to study is in my carrel located in the cave.  Isolation keeps me focused, I am otherwise easily distracted and can find any excuse not to study.

Where you hope to be/live/serve after CTS:  After CTS I hope to be exactly where God leads me.  I desire to serve in a church in Canada but I am still discerning specifically what type of ministry God is calling me to.

One piece of advice I would give to incoming students:  Get involved…join a club, meet lots of students and see this time at seminary as an opportunity to grow in all areas of your life.

Treasurer, Jonathan Owens

Hometown: Irving, TX

Favorite Aspect of CTS: I greatly appreciate the care and friendship offered by the staff and faculty

Best place to study: On-Campus, the Quite Study Room – it’s convenient between classes.  Off-Campus, home – so that I can take a break from studying and play with my daughter.

Where I hope to be after CTS: in a fine theological program working on my PhD.

One piece of advice I have for incoming students: Go to chapel; take time for these opportunities of corporate worship and personal reflection.

Secretary, Doren Snoek

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI.

Favorite aspect of CTS: a class – Theological Education as Formation for Ministry.

Best place to study: The library by a long shot; It’s quiet, and it’s

where all the books are!

Where you hope to be/live/serve after CTS: I’m most interested in chaplaincy and/or pursuing a Ph.D.

One piece of advice you would give to incoming students: study hard and spend time connecting with other students. Your years at CTS will pass rather quickly.