Through the conversations leading to and following both editions of the Kerux this academic year, we have been further convicted of the importance of those in the CTS community listening to and hearing each others’ voices. The December edition talked about the way in which a calling to marriage and singleness affects one’s experience of ministry and education at CTS, both in positive ways, and in challenging ways. The January edition talked about the experience of diversity at CTS: the reality of diverse experience, backgrounds, and convictions, the hurt when those experiences are minimized or ignored, and the calling to deepen relationships through embracing diversity.

This edition, themed “Testimony,” portrays one way we can be intentional about deepening community in and through diversity, through intentionally sharing and hearing each others’ stories. Ricardo Tavarez calls for us to hear the pain and perspectives of those who have had a different experience than our own. The bulk of this edition is composed of testimonies by students from a range of backgrounds, programs, and interests. Each student shares the ways in which God worked through their lives to shape them towards a call to ministry, and specifically at Calvin Seminary. The stories include stories of conversions and calls to ministry from some who grew up without any exposure to the gospel, as well as stories of those who grew up in the faith but were challenged towards deepening faith or service in the church.  We hope the thoughtful and carefully written stories shared here encourage each of us to get to know our classmates better. We also hope this edition inspires each of us to take the initiative to have that conversation with a classmate we do not know well. Erin Zoutendam’s piece “(Int)entional Conversations,” a result of the Hospitality Committee’s group conversations between  international  and local students, offers more concrete suggestions for how to be more hospitable to our international community.

Enjoy the stories here, and if you have your own story to share, please feel free to send it to The April edition of the Kerux will be themed on stories of spiritual journey. We are specifically looking for stories of those who will be graduating this year on their experience at CTS, but welcome stories from anyone.