Hi, I’m Monica Brands. I am completing my first year as an MTS student at CTS. I’ve really enjoyed this year of editing the Kerux. It’s given me a chance to get to know my classmates better, and get a sense of what issues students at CTS are really wrestling with, and would like to talk and think more about. I hope we can carry on this tradition next year, and that students will see Kerux as a way to let their voices be heard.

Hey, I am Ronald Hunsucker. I am finishing up my second year as an M. Div. student here at CTS. I have liked serving with the Kerux team because I view Keurx as an amazing way to give voice to students needs, concerns, and comments. I hope to see it continue to give voice to unpopular or difficult  issues  because I believe that doing so will train students more effectively for ministry as we will certainly have to discuss those issues with elders and members of our future churches.

Hi, I’m Bob VanLonkhuyzen. I will be graduating this month with a Master of Arts in Missions and Evangelism. Working on the Kerux team this year helped me see a larger picture of the student body and gain deeper insight into matters and activities that would otherwise go largely unnoticed. I enjoyed my time working on Kerux, and I wish the best to those who will continue on.

Hello, My name is Robert Van Zanen. I am completing my first year as an M. Div. student at CTS. I have appreciated the chance to work as an editor this year. Having never edited a periodical before I was excited by the challenge. While Student Senate had discussed this being the last of Kerux’s 49 years of life I am excited to say that it will live on next year. It has been fun and an honor to serve as an editor.


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