The Korean Student Association (KSA) is composed of Korean students and student families at Calvin Theological Seminary who are trying to help and support each other in the Korean student community. KSA seeks to become a sound community: through shared spiritual disciplines, shared life, and shared pursuit of academic excellence.

First, spiritual community. KSA members are not only Christians but also ministers and prospective ministers, so the KSA encourages members to pray together in early morning. This is because early morning prayer meetings are part of the heritage of Korean churches. The prayer meetings are Monday through Friday at 6am, and Saturday at 7am. Though KSA members have different denominational backgrounds, the KSA seeks to unite each other in faith.

Second, living in community at Calvin Seminary. Since most KSA members come to Calvin with their families, we share and help each other in our daily lives. The KSA meets 3 times regularly in the semester to worship and enjoy Korean meals with fellowship. The KSA has a mentor family program to help the settlement of new students. Through the mentor family program, current student families help new student families to settle down in Grand Rapids. This is a unique program offered only at Calvin, not in other seminaries in US. Thus, KSA seeks to be a life sharing community.

Our third priority is creating an academic community. One of the most important aspects of the identities of members of the KSA is definitely their calling as students. The KSA encourages members to study hard for the glory of God and to serve the church in various ways, and to share their studies and research. Moreover, there is a colloquium once per semester with a visiting professor at Calvin. At this particular event, we learn and share various theological issues. The KSA seeks to be well prepared to serve church theologically.

The KSA hopes to commune with each other more deeply and more closely. It will help the Calvin Seminary community to be sound because KSA is a part of it. In addition to this, KSA also hopes to find how to contribute to Calvin Community in other ways.

By Myungji Yang