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The New Look Kerux

The New Look Kerux

Every community needs a talking space. A place to share our experiences, ideas, stories, and perspectives, where we bond closer to one another as we allow our lives to intersect. The Kerux is aiming to be your talking space here at the Seminary.

Firstly, we’re expanding to be your primary source for news and announcements in the Seminary. Here you’ll find members of the community writing about talks and lectures they went to, events they attended, and innovative ideas they’ve had or come across. When you need to find out what’s going in the next week(s), you’ll be able to come to The Kerux. 

The Kerux will also be a place for you to share your opinions and have written dialogues in a bi-weekly Op-ed section. There’ll be reviews of books, movies, music, art, and restaurants. We’ll be interviewing members of the community to give you a greater glimpse into their lives and work beyond these walls. You’ll also get to know the creative side of the people around you, as they share creative works (poetry, fiction, art, etc.), hobbies, and passions.

That’s the content side. Now it’s time to talk about presentation.

This year, The Kerux will be available in a monthly paper copy, and as a weekly email newsletter. The content of The Kerux will soon be available at our website: 


On a monthly basis The Kerux will have two larger and two smaller issues. The larger issues will have the content listed above. The smaller will contain weekly updates and announcements from around the Seminary, as well as some news stories.

We will be printing one of the larger issues and distributing it on the first Wednesday of every month; the second will be purely electronic, distributed on the third Wednesday of the month. The smaller issues will also be electronic and distributed on the second and fourth Wednesdays. The upcoming events list will be updated daily on the website. Every three months, we’ll also publish a special creative arts edition.

We hope that the re-formed Kerux will be of service to you here at the Seminary.

We look forward to journeying with you throughout the year.


The Kerux Team