Toastmasters is an internationally known organization founded in 1924 which seeks to help people develop their speaking and leadership abilities, to become masters at giving toasts. There are a total fifteen Toastmasters clubs in the Grand Rapids area. The club at CTS is known as Ted Spoelstra’s Toastmasters due to Ted Spoelstra’s financial support of the club. Ted Spoelstra Toastmasters Club (#1366660) is not actually a Seminary Club in that it does not receive any money from Student Senate. CTS students have their membership dues paid in full by Mr. Spoelstra and he also provides food for all of the clubs meetings. In this way, CTS students can learn to better give speeches using the format this internationally known organization without having to leave campus.

The club originally started in 2009 and met off campus at Seoul Garden for a time. Today you can find seminary students, professors, and local members of the community meeting together bi-monthly in room 242. Though the next meeting will be held November 24, the Monday of Thanksgiving break, the club would love to have you visit then or the following meeting on Monday December 8 at 12:30. All are welcome to come, learn, have fun, clap a lot, and become a Toastmaster.

Written by Robert Van Zanen