‘Twas the first ever Christmas, and all through the town,

Nowhere in Bethlehem could lodgings be found.

Stars twinkled above, like a light O so bright,

And outside the town, shepherds rest for the night. 

But back in a stable, not grand, soft or neat,

In a manger slept new baby Jesus, so sweet.

Both Joseph and Mary, now blessed with a child,

Loved their new baby Jesus, so tender and mild.

Wise men from afar, with gifts to present,

For newborn king Jesus, to see Him they went.

It was Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold that they brought.

To worship their King, a star showed them the spot.

Jesus, called Emmanuel, God with us so near,

Just a babe in a manger, but a mission so clear.

Let’s remember this story, so wondrous and true,

Of this new baby Jesus, who was born just for you!