by Micah Schuurman
Human trafficking… modern day slavery…  While the two terms are distinct, they relate to the same practice: an image-bearer of the almighty God forced to labor for the benefit of another.
Sex slavery, the practice of forcing girls and young women to work as prostitutes, is mostly associated with South-East Asia.  However, the practice is frighteningly common in the United States.  The industry has made its way into every major city, including Grand Rapids.
On Tuesday, November 27, the Social Justice Club will host a presentation by a woman who herself was a victim of this industry in Grand Rapids and who has dedicated her life to helping girls escape and find healing.  Her talk is entitled, “Through the Eyes of a Child: my story of being trafficked and sold here in Grand Rapids.”  The talk will be from 12:30-1:20 in the Seminary Auditorium.  Come learn about this invisible evil.