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Your New Ability to Comment on Kerux Articles!

Your New Ability to Comment on Kerux Articles!

Dear Kerux readers,

In an attempt to spark continued dialogue on the articles and topics of each edition we have decided to allow comments on our articles. We are excited to hear what you have to say. Please note these guidelines for comments:

First: We require that you use your name when commenting. Comments under pseudonyms purposefully obscuring your identity will result in the removal of the comment and commentator.

Second: Comments must be appropriate to the content and nature of article that they are posted under. These comments must be Christ-like in tone and attitude, polite, and generally courteous. We request that you do not repeat ideas / dominate the conversation through too many comments.

Third: Any comments that use inappropriate or offensive language will be removed. This includes sexism, racism, or other -isms that are deemed inappropriate by the editors.

The ability to comment on this public page is a privilege thus we reserve the right to remove any comment or commentator from the Kerux website with or without an explanation.  Discussions about why a comment was or wasn’t removed will be deemed off topic and removed. Should this occur you may contact us at kerux@calvinseminary.edu to appeal our decision.

Please contact us with any questions, or if the comments prompt you to write an article on your thoughts.