Easter is a time of joy, When we celebrate with all our might, But some folks get a bit confused, And think it’s all about the bunny’s might.

The bunny’s cute, it’s true enough, And brings us treats and joy and stuff, But Easter’s more than just that fluff, It’s the day that Christ rose up.

The story goes that long ago, A man named Jesus walked the earth below, He healed the sick, and taught us love, And showed us how to rise above.

But on a Friday, oh so sad, He was crucified, and his followers were mad, But on the third day, a miracle occurred, Jesus rose up, and his spirit stirred.

So when we see the bunny’s face, We’ll remember Christ’s amazing grace, And know that Easter’s more than just fun, It’s a time to celebrate the Son.

So let’s all remember why we’re here, And celebrate with love and cheer, For Easter’s not about the bunny’s ears, It’s about the resurrection of Christ, our dear.


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