Hope was robbed by sin

A foot that slipped upon the road

A bitter taste upon the lips of salty tears

Unspoken Woes

Through the blood of our redeemer

Son of servant

We behold

The payment for our lives

His sacrifice

Our debt is paid in full

His blood our Red Sea

His blood our Boaz price

The cost of victory

The grace and freedom height by height

How great our need before the Father

Restored to us by none but Christ

We cannot pay our way to glory

Born again we take on skin

We will never save ourselves

But find forever we are His

The magnitude of our adoption

The measure of His love and grace

Is our lives emancipation

We stand as sons and not as slaves. 

Our inheritance eternal

Build on faith and grace alone 

We do not fear the fires of judgement or the wrath He could bestow 

His arms forever wrapped around us

Face to face, we see and know 

We seek to find Him

He rushes near to claim his own. 

-Jen Fortosis


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